J.Oilan solo exhibition

J.Oilan solo exhibition

The exhibition of J.Oilan will take place at Tsagaandarium museum and art gallery (Zaisan, Bella Vista Town) from May 10th to May 16th.

The artist J.Oilan paints in a surrealistic way and is mostly specialized by using the blue colors and tons. He wants to show the real representation of his senses. He aims for the viewer to feel any extensive and deep emotions from his inner bosom. Some of his artworks were created using ideas and images from his dreams.

SURREALISM artistic movement :

Surrealism was created in the early twentieth century in Europe. André Breton (a French artist) wrote the first manifesto of surrealism artistic movement and qualified it as a pure psychic experience and representation of psychic automatism in spite of any activity of reason and aestheticism.

It is close to dream, to pure imagination in opposition to reality and it allows the artist to choose the representation of the topic and the way he will express it. There is no requirement other than to let the conscience aside and to make way for a certain automatism, not to think about a theme of representation but to leave dream and imagination complete the artwork.

One of the most famous artists of the time of Surrealism was no doubt Salvador Dali.

André Breton wanted to connect the imaginary to the real world, so the representation may include an element of reality mixed with an imaginary context or a pictorial representation made by the artist.