Ts. Enkhjargal

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Tsagaandarin ENKHJARGAL /Born in 1960/


1978-1981 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1994-1995 Institute of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

Work Experience:

1981-1983 Artist, UMA branch, Ulaanbaatar
1984 Artist, UMA branch, Uvs aimag
1987 Artist, Military institute, Ulaanbaatar
1988 Artist, Monumental Art atelier, Ulaanbaatar
1994-2000 Teacher, College of Fine Art
Since 2000 Freelance artist


1989 One-man show "Spring", Youth Cultural Centre
1993 One-man show "Thought", Mongolian Centre of Design
1988 Mongolian exhibition, Beijing, Huhehaoto
1989 Mongolian exhibition, Vienna, Austria
1989 Third Art Show, Fukuoka, Japan
1989 Mongolian exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1990 Mongolian exhibition, Oslo, Norway
1990 Mongolian exhibition, Ceret, France
1991 Mongolian exhibition, Paris, France
1993 Mongolian exhibition, London, UK
1994 Fourth Art Show, Fukuoka, Japan
1995 Annual exhibition "Space" by teachers of Institute of Fine Art, Art gallery of the UMA
1996 Joint exhibition of Mongolian-Korean artists, Ulaanbaatar
1997 Mongolian Art Exhibition, Embassy of Germany, Ulaanbaatar
1999 Group exhibition, Ulaanbaatar
2001, 2005 Mongolian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China
2002 Legend of Nomads, South Korea
2002 Solo exhibition, Art gallery of the UMA
2003 Group exhibition, Mongolian Art Exhibition, London, UK
2004 Group exhibition "Mongolia and Tamna", Sympathetic exhibition of continent and
Island, Culture and Art center,Jeju, Korea
2005 “2nd Beijing International Art Biennale 2005”, Beijing, China
2006 Joint exhibition, Art gallery of the UMA
2006 Solo exhibition, Modern Art Gallery


1989 UMA prize
2000 "Leading Worker of UMA"
2000 "Mirage" is one of the Asian top 50 works in 20th century by criteria of Fukuokas museum
2006 Academic of Mongolian Fine Art